Welcome to the Toronto Mental Health Network

We are a diverse group of therapists working throughout the GTA who have come together to promote mental health in Toronto’s vibrant community. We each offer evidence-based therapy including individual, couples, and family therapy, and we also provide information, resources, and workshops that encourage public conversations around mental health. Our hope is to contribute to a society that recognizes the paramount importance of psychological wellness in personal and professional life.

Our health affects everything we do. But while we’re quick to address physical health problems, we often downplay our mental health needs. Talking to a skilled therapist is a powerful tool for addressing unresolved feelings, challenging unhelpful patterns, and finding inner peace. Therapy can help access the hope and motivation we need to grow in a safe and understanding space. If you are struggling with emotional distress in your personal life, your professional life, or your relationships, please contact one of our skilled therapists. We are here to help.

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